My last day as a stay at home mom (sorta)

Tomorrow I start working again. I'm thankful for this job and being able to only work part time, and opposite hours of Aj so the kids do not have to be in daycare. Ill be home with them in the mornings and then working in the evenings. I love staying at home with my babies. Its been an amazing four years of getting to be there for every single first, being so close to my kiddos and not missing a single thing. I know its time for me to get my feet back into the working world and have social interactions with adults besides my husband. I have put my kids and husband first and pushed my needs and wants to the way side. Iv lost contact with most of my friends and really made my whole world just Sophia, Dexter, and Aj. Im so thankful for my husband working so hard to provide for our family and be able to take on so, so much responsibility so that I can be with our babies when they needed me most. Now that Sophia is four and starting school in just a few months and Dexter is nearly two and basically out of diapers, I feel like being out of the house to work for just 15-29 hours a week won't be to bad for any of us. It will take some adjustment for all of us I'm sure, but I think it will be really good for everyone. Extra money for more fun trips, extra little things here & there, and lots for our savings for the future. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm a bit anxious, and I am happy. Ill keep you guys updated on how balancing mom life, wife life, and working life goes for me! I know so many women do it and even have to work full time or two jobs,  again I'm so thankful to my husband for taking such good care of us and being able to provide for all our needs the last four years.
If you have any questions let me know!