Im back!

Ugh it would be my luck that as soon as I really get back into blogging, enjoying getting to write and post multiple times a week our computer crashes! Thankfully my husband miraculously fixed it after being told we needed a whole new hard drive. So glad he was able to work his nerdy magic and save us the expense and pain of possibly loosing all our files, pictures, and his music. {Note to self: ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES and frequently} So here I am back to my little happy place getting to spew my random thoughts and life happenings.

Summer is in full bloom here, hot, humid, and almost unbearable. We have had a busy few weeks with allergies, family time, new work schedule for AJ, some much needed yard work, and enjoying our little ones. We have also been mulling over the idea of me going back to work. Thats so hard for me to even say. It would make our finances and future dreams of moving and buying a home much easier. Yet I would have to work opposite hours of Aj since daycare is insanely expensive and we don't have family to help, meaning much less time spent with him and the kids all together. I was really hoping to go back to school this coming fall and start school for nursing, but money and bills may come before that... for now. It has been a bit stressful weighing on my mind a bit, we will figure it out we always do.  So thats what has been happening around here. Ill be back to blogging regularly this week and have some photos I want to post! Thanks for hanging around even when Im m.i.a