Weaning my sweet boy.

We have hit this bitter sweet moment when its right for both him and I to wean from nursing. He is 20 months this week and has been strictly breastfed from day one. My goal was to make it to a year, and then that came and went. I thought we would make it till he was two but it's become a bit of a struggle lately. I love love love nursing I do. Its been the most amazing bond between me and my boy and I feel so proud that my body has been able to nourish him for so long. That being said at almost two years old Dexter still wakes every 2 hours to nurse, some nights he just wants to nurse for the whole night. Im tired, physically and mentally. Not one night of good sleep in over two years is making me a walking zombie. Im starting to dislike nursing and that was my first inclination that it was our time to wean. I tried about a month ago to just cut back on nursing during the day and night, that worked for about a week and then all of a sudden he was like a newborn all over again! Wanting to nurse every moment of the day and night. It was rough and lasted our entire vacation! Once we got home I was done and ready for what I imagined would be a rough week or two. We started mid last week and basically stopped cold turkey, no nursing during the day and trying not to nurse at night. I offered lots of big snuggles and smooches and when he would whine to nurse I would tell him he was a big boy and could have snuggles instead or a sippy cup if he was thirsty. To my surprise he has really done pretty great. Our first nap was rough and took a lot of cuddles to actually get him to sleep but he did it! He has been extra clingy to Aj now and even asks for daddy to put him to bed some nights, Aj totally is enjoying it. Some middle of the night waking but he slept for 10 hours straight two nights ago and it was so great. I really believe this was our time and Im glad we are transitioning easier then I expected. Im sure going to miss nursing and its probably not going to help my already insanely high baby fever but all good things must come to an end right??! Or so the saying goes