Remembering the little things..

As I grow older I seem to cherish the little moments more and more. When I'm old and grey I don't want to forget those little things. So why not write them here? Hopefully the internet will forever be around along with this little place of mine and all my random writings. 
Things to remember: 
-Dancing with your babies in the living room filling our home with giggles and music. 
-Cooking dinner in your little kitchen right next to your husband, chatting and laughing and make up recipes as we go. 
-The way your kiddos yell when daddy gets home from work and he smothers them in kisses and hugs before even getting all the way threw the door. 
-The big puddles of water on the floor from endless splashing, after you give the babies a bath. Even when you seem to hate it, remember they won't need you to bathe them forever and then you will miss this. 
-The warmth you feel when your husband scoops you in his arms and snuggles you close while you sleep at night. 
-They way your son looks at you as you nurse him to sleep. This time is coming to an end very soon. Don't rush him. 
-The way Sophia's hair looks first thing in the morning. Crazy and tangled and all over the place. 

I'm sure there are many more little moments that I will want to remember forever. Life is constantly moving and changing. Time is unfair, hold on to the little things!