Goals and hopes for 2015

Iv always been one to make little lists of things Id like to do and achieve in the new year. Not always resolutions but more like reminders of what I want. This years list includes:

1. Finding more time to be alone with my husband. Our marriage comes first before the kids, without a strong loving marriage we cant be the parents our children need. (Im serious date nights in, date nights out, five minutes alone in our bedroom without a kid jumping between us will be cherished)

   2. Remember adventure is out there. Lets find it, and often.

3. Declutter and organize. Less is more and those jeans from high school hanging in the back of your closet from nostalgia have got to go.

  4. Stay on top of my fitness, keep kicking this last fats butt and hit your goals... And then some.

5. Find a hobby. Sadly this was a goal last year but life gets ahead of you when your running after two kiddos and a husband and I didn't really find the time for me this past year. Heres to actually making this one happen.

  6.Less yelling/anger more hugs and love. No one ever tells you honestly how hard it is to be a parent. Im not always on my A game and some days I raise my voice more then id like, which is never. I always feel terrible after and its just not how I want my children to remember me as a mother. So this year Im aiming to refocus on my parenting beliefs and finding my inner calm to keep us all happy and feeling good.

  7. Save more money$$ Doesn't everyone wish for that.

Well thats my list. Nothing crazy or unreachable. Happy New Year everyone, whats your resolutions or goals for this year?