whats new..

Its fall! Or at least they say it is, its still reaching into the highs 80's here in Florida and all I am dreaming of is cooler weather and comfy sweaters. Luckily its cooling down a bit in the evening and we are taking advantage as much as possible, if we aren't the park then we are on our back patio playing and snacking as the sun sets. Aj has been working a lot of long hours and an added mandatory every other saturday, we are so thankful he is able to work so much and provide for us all on his own but we sure do miss daddy during the week and by Sunday are soaking up every minute we get with him! Sophia starts ballet & tap lessons this saturday, she is over the moon excited and so am I. My little girl is nearing closer and closer to being four and has been growing so much its unbelievable. Iv even started looking at preschools and we have our eyes set on a pretty awesome charter school, fingers crossed we get in! Dexter is running, climbing, and doing all things boy at this point. He and his sister are seriously best friends and are so content playing and laughing the day away with each other. Oh do I love them so. And as for me.. Im tired (when am I not), Im still getting my butt to the gym 4-5 days a week and eating pretty healthy. Iv been on a major cleaning binge, like everyday I am finding some part of the house to deep clean or re-organize. Im already working on Christmas shopping and have been asking Aj when I can start decorating.. I know Im crazy. I love the holidays so much I cant wait to start preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well that sums it up for now what we have been up to recently. I swear ill try and keep up with this blog, I do miss writing daily! 

talk to you soon-