working on me in 2014

Its no secret iv had a hard time accepting this body of mine. Pre kids I took my body for granted small frame, un marked by scars and stretch marks. Pre Sophia I was fluctuating from 105-110 pounds mostly. At Sophia's birth I was 187, I took the "oh you where small to begin with you will shrink right back" too serious and ate everything in my sight. I lost a little of weight then would gain a little back never really sticking to working out or dieting. When I got pregnant with Dexter I was about 145-150 lbs and weighed about 170 at his birth. My body after two babies is well hard for me to love, Covered head to toe (literally) in stretch marks, two separate c-section scars that go from hip to hip, and the tell tale tire of loose skin that hangs around my belly. Its taken a long time of hating my body and always putting my self down to finally say DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Thats what I did. We joined a gym with daycare, no more excuses of not having a baby sitter. We tossed the microwave, processed frozen meals/foods, and all the junk and candy. We cut out all red meats and now only consume ground turkey and chicken. No more constant snacking on junk. Making these changes and sticking to them for about six months has really worked for not only me but Aj too. Iv lost all the weight from Dexter's pregnancy and nearly all from Sophia's too. Iv busted my butt to make my body into the one I want the one I deserve. The stretch marks are still there, and the scars haven't faded much... but I'm at my thinnest and healthiest weight in almost four years! Im still working hard to slim down and tone, tone tone. My goal is about 118-120 and Im less then ten pounds from it. Hard work pays off, and I finally see it. So heres to loving ourselves, to making our body what we want even when we think its impossible.

So heres to not giving a care and posting my before and current pictures. Im not perfect I don't have the perfect social norm body. But its went threw hell and back to carry and birth two beautiful children.
                          170 pound miserable me,  129 pound getting happier by the day me.