He gave us a scare.

Well Dexter is officially a bruiser, and all boy. We had our first emergency room visit this week with our little man. Earlier Wednesday morning the kids where playing and dexter fell while playing with a toy flute. It hit him right in the back of the throat. After some painful cries, bleeding, and a call to the pediatrician we rushed over to the ER to get our boy checked out. He is fine and just had a small contusion to his throat and a little swelling. Man was I scared, I mistakenly googled mouth injuries from toys and boy did it scare me to death. Im just glad he's okay. We quickly got rid of our toy flutes and will wait till both kids are older to bring them back out. Im still feeling that mom guilt, I totally should have taken those toys away and known he would have fallen. The doctor says it so common, but I don't want my kids to hurt ever. I know you can't stop kids from being kids and Im sure we will have other hospital visits but for now lets just say Im being extra watchful and hovering. I was always falling, breaking bones, and getting hurt as a kid and almost had a cast of some sort every year of Elementary and Middle school (seriously). I should know that its normal and be okay with it, but when its your own kids its your whole world flipped upside down and panic sets in. Heres to hoping ill be able to handle this stuff eventually. But for now like I said, Im hovering and being extra careful to stop any boo boos from happening.
Thankful daddy was able to rush from work to be with us. 
 He wasn't sure about all this fuss over him.