An internal battle

You never really know what someone is struggling with internally. After hearing of the very sad loss of an amazingly funny actor from what is being said was a suicide, I cant help but feel sadness. Sadness for his loved ones who will never truly know his last thoughts, for his die hard fans who wish they could have helped in someway or another. We never know what people are struggling with, you could be the funniest man with the most radiating smile and contagious laughter but inside be fighting with your own inner demons. So many times we take each other for granted. So many times we loose sight of what is important. Not the materialist things but the ones we love, the people who surround us.
As a teenager I fought my own inner darkness, feeling lost and sad a majority of the time. Most days Id put a fake smile on while at school or work. Once home Id shut myself in my room and the thoughts would overwhelm me. I felt angry and so sad all at once, I felt alone so alone and forgotten about. With time Iv really learned to change my way of thinking, I tell my husband all the time he saved me. I really believe he did, he makes me see the good in myself. He makes me feel so loved and safe. He gives me the strength I need to carry on everyday.
No matter what you may think about someones life, don't forget that everyone is fighting their own internal fight and no one has a perfect life.

Rest In Peace- 
Robin Williams 1951-2011
You touched so many people and are truly loved
I hope you are free