Almost one.

I remember growing up time always seemed to drag, the countdown till summer or holidays seemed never ending and the days felt like 50 hours instead of 24. I always heard time flies but I never really felt that... Until I had children! I longed for another baby after Sophia hit one.. that fresh newborn smell, the all day naps and long nights, the nursing and constant cuddles. Somehow that all slipped threw my fingers and here I am planning Dexters first birthday! He is taking steps and becoming so independent. Eating everything you put in front of him (blw) and nursing less during the day. He's coming into his own and showing his personality, a momma's boy who is super sweet but also so daring following in his sisters footsteps. He's sensitive but also lets you know when he's upset or wants something. He wont let you snuggle him much anymore he just wants to go. Standing, bouncing, climbing, crawling faster then the speed of light. I sometimes wish I could just close the door to the house and once inside time freezes, my babies don't age and I can keep the small forever. If only.. 

What in the world am I going to do with a 3 1/2 & 1 year old?!

{4 days old}
{11 months old}