The judgmental mom

Iv been seeing a lot of moms lately "bullying" other moms for parenting differently. For not disciplining their child right, or to a different standard then them. For very personal choices like breastfeeding, formula feeding, circumcise, or non circumcised, baby wearing or stroller pushing or even using a not so favored baby carrier. For being young.. If a mother or father makes the decision to do something a certain way with their child it shouldn't be scrutinized if they are doing what they believe is best for their child and not harming them. Why must it be a competition who can do it better.. who's the "better" parent? We all have our own stories we are all fighting our own mini battles whether its sleepless nights, money worries, marital issues, anxiety, or even having just a bad day. You don't know every ones entire story so what gives you the right to judge them. I'm not claiming to never have a judgmental thought, but when I do I catch myself and remind myself I don't know whats really going on. Maybe instead of putting others down if we lifted others up and praised them for how hard we all know it can be to be a parent, the world would a much better place.

I fear for my children to grow up with judgmental people who may make fun or tease them for some reason or other. I fear that maybe having tattooed/modified parents they will be made judged. Maybe because their parents are "younger" they will be judged. They may not have the trendiest clothes, the newest toy, or have an extravagant home. My children will be taught that all people have a story that no matter what race, color, gender, social class we are all the same all living life to the beat of our own drum. That its okay to be an individual to enjoy things others may not. I want my children to be accepting and understanding of what others in life choose to do or be and not instantly judge or scrutinize them. And the only way they will do that is if I myself am accepting and non judgemental of others. For our children can only learn from what they see.