Recently heard

Recently heard from the mouth of my three year old-
1) "Ew I just tooted in my mouth!"
2) "Brother not have cookies on his head, I ate dem all". (Aj and I where discussing Cookie Butter)
3) "Oh YES!!! Knuckles" <-- When she's excited or happy about something she screams this, and gets into this on knee arms raised stance.
4) "Its otay brother I put you back in mommies tummy and then you not cry"
5) "Daddy you my best fwiend, not mommy" {heart breaking a bit}
6) "I don't want to go to trader joe, I don't like joe"
7) "Come on dude drive!" {biggest back seat driver ever}
8) "I can't sweeeep, my toes itch"
9) "I not wear diapers, diapers are for babies. I not baby im eleven"
10) "Mom nurse him, he being a cry baby" (She really dislikes when her brother cries even if it for a minute and has been commanding me to nurse him quite a bit lately)