A date night

On Tuesday night Aj & I finally had a much over due solo date night, thats right no kids at all! We haven't been on one since our anniversary last November. I was so excited, I got to wear heels and a sexy new shirt I ordered off nastygal.com. We met up with his brother and wife who are in town for the week. It was nice and although it wasn't really just Aj and I it was perfect. We had delicious food and I downed a yummy margarita and half a beer. I haven't been on an adult night out in seriously years, it only lasted two hours but they where a glorious two hours! I really love my husband and spending quality time with him. I so wish we could make it more regular. It was actually a wish for our 3rd year of marriage to be able to have a date night once a month.. so far we have failed but maybe we can find a way! Heres a few pictures I was able to actually get him to take willingly.

Oh how I love this man!