{9 months old}

My sweet growing boy is 9 months old now. Im not sure how we got here, and so fast it seems. I think all mothers can agree time flies and babies grow up way too fast! Dexter is really coming into his own and showing his personality more and more. He is getting into everything now, pulling up and walking along the furniture. He is very daring and even tries to make the gap between the couch and ottoman, to us it may be one step for him it probably seems like the grand canyon. His favorite person is by far his big sister, if she's not in sight he is crawling off to find her and even does this loud "arghhhhhh" noise like he is calling out for her. They play so well together, boy can Sophia make him belly laugh. He still loves to nurse and at night it still seems like he is nursing all night long, its starting to catch up to me and I could use endless amounts of coffee and any advice for night weaning? At nine months dexter weighs 20.9 pounds, like i said he lovessss to nurse. He is doing so well with foods and we really enjoy BLW, he no longer wants any type of homemade baby food purees just whatever mommy is eating for that meal. Dexter had 6 teeth, his two front top teeth and the four front bottom. Luckily he's not biting, at least not yet.. Im already thinking of first birthday plans and I cant believe its already so close to that point. What am I going to do with a three and one year old?