needing to put it all out there..

When life gets hard and you have no one to talk you write it down right?! Something just has been pulling at me to log into this poor excuse for a blog of mine and write it all out. Help me move forward and also be able to look back on this time.

This month has been so crazy so many extreme emotions going on. We moved into a new home, its perfect and slowly feeling like home but we where basically pushed out of our old home and that made moving hard and stressful. We had a major falling out with Aj's family, its so sad when people just really cant get along or talk out there issues. For now the kids and I are just stuck in the middle of it but it really hurts that those family members wont be part of our life for the forseeable future. This has caused so much stress, have I ever told you how much of a stresser I really am. Im a stresser.. about everything and It eats me up inside, like a horrible monster. I think iv cried more this month than I did the whole year of 2013 and I was pregnant and gave birth in that year.
Life throws things at you and doesn't it seem that its all at once?! Or is that just me..
The days keep passing and I cant just sit and dwell and be sad for what has happened, there is happiness to be found in each day and I am doing my best to find what makes me happy.

Currently keeping me smiling:
1. The way sophia jumps around being silly just to get a big ol' belly laugh out of her brother.
2. All night snuggles with my husband.
3. Dexters toothy grin, he's gotten 4 teeth in the past two weeks. Making for a total of 6!
4. Homemade salsa with chips (stuffing my face at this very moment)
5. Pinning cute home decor and having the freedom to decorate our new home exactly as we want.