life with two

Life with two can be hectic, more sleepless nights than you can imagine. Lots of diaper changes, potty breaks, and constantly being needed for one thing or another. Life with two is also beautiful! Feeling so fufilled and being surround by so much love. Always having some one to love on, boo boos to kiss, and constant reminders of what life is truly about. Watching my children grow is the greatest part of my entire life. Seeing the love they already share for each other, brings me to tears. Dexter loves to just watch sophia and follow her with his eyes, she really makes him smile so big just by talking to him or making a silly face. I couldn't of ever imagined how it would really be to be a mom of two children. Life is so magical, I get to watch these two beautiful kids grow. Watch them learn and become their own little person. I am blessed.