Holiday pictures!

I feel like the holidays are coming so fast this year! Maybe its the days seem to fly by with a two year old and a baby, I swear the weeks and months have gotten so much shorter with two kids. I wanted to try and be proactive and took the babies to get their pictures taken and to order our Holiday cards in hopes of actually getting them sent out before Christmas. I took them to Jcpenny Portrait studio. They always do a wonderful job and have pretty great coupons to help save some money. Sophia did so well and really loved it. The pictures came out great and I cant wait to go pick them up in a few weeks! I joined the two year members club so we will be going often for pictures with no sitting fees. I ordered our holiday cards from with two coupons I ended up getting $20 worth of cards and shipping all for free! Oh do I love a good deal and who can say no to free. Here is a little preview of the pictures..