Monday, July 15, 2013

single digit countdown!

9 days! Nine days, oh my god 9 days. Can you tell Im excited? Just 9 short (hopefully) days till our little boy is scheduled to be delivered. Our bags are packed and already in the car, minus the essential bathroom toiletries ill grab the day of. The stroller is built and I am secretly dying to take it for a spin! Carseat is in the car, crib is assembled, little clothes are washed and hung in his closet just waiting to be worn. Now what?! I just sit and wait and continue dreaming of a sweet little boy with a face probably like his daddy and sister with maybe blue eyes or hazel. Im curious if he will have hair with all this heart burn he better. But we are ready, so ready. Aj thankfully has some paid vacation time from work he needs to use up so he will be home with me for basically the first two weeks to help with healing and Sophia adjusting to having to share momma. Im so thankful and happy that we will get that time together, the four of us to just be a new family of four and love on each other. I have one last OB appointment this week to be checked and get all the last information I need about delivery day. Then just waiting for my pre-op visit the 24th and delivery day the 25th! Its all gone by so fast and I feel bad I didn't blog or write about it much but Im really hoping to blog about his first few years of life and all the joy he is going to bring to our little family. Did I mention he has a name?! Oh yes he does our sweet boy will be named...
Dexter Grayson

sweet sweet Dex.... 

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