Our last few days just her & I

Iv been extra sappy the last few days knowing we have less than two weeks till baby boy will be here. Im feeling all these rushes of emotions, happiness, nervousness, excitement, fear... Sophia is taking notice and can tell that we are nearing his big arrival. She is always asking about "brober" and when he will come. She says she will kiss him and hold him, share her dinos and play with him and every time it melts my heart. I get this mental picture of how they will be together, at first of course she will probably just smother him in kisses and pokes during his sweet slumber but eventually they will play, laugh, and share little secrets. They will have something special a bond that I hope will flourish and grow over the years and make them the best of friends. I hope at least thats how it will be. I also have these reservations, maybe Sophia wont adjust well she is so used to having all my attention 24/7 and daddies complete attention when he is home from work and he weekends. Soon she will have to share us, I think she is ready but we really wont know till he is actually here. Im soaking up all the little moments alone with her, the special laughs we share and extra snuggles in the middle of the day. She has such a beautiful light about her that makes everyday so beautiful. Ill hold her a little tighter the next week or so and tell her I love her a few more thousand times a day than I already do. I hope she knows how special she is to me and even with another baby coming she is still and always will be my baby girl.