I can't stop daydreaming...

About our little boy of course! 
Im so ready for that first glance of him seeing who he looks like, scanning his whole body counting fingers and toes. I dream of him looking just like Sophia as a newborn, identical to their daddy. Secretly hoping he comes out a toe head blonde like Aj was. I keep dreaming of that new baby smell, holding him close skin to skin and taking in deep breaths of his sweet smell trying to memorize it forever. Im looking forward to the first time nourishing him with my body and starting the amazing bond of breastfeeding. Every little thing about him excites me.. I just cant wait. Seeing the look in Aj's eyes as he gets the first real look at his sweet boy his first son, by then I will surely be a blubbering mess. Finally the thing I day dream of most the first time his very excited and eager little sister will fix her eyes on him, she will instantly love him and know exactly who he is... I know it. She is counting down the days more closely then I, constantly telling her daddy and I how she wants to "hold it" "kiss baby broder" "play dino's too momma?" She is ready, we all are so ready.
Four days little man, four days till you change our entire world for the better! I am so excited.