This sad sad blog.

I haven't blogged let alone checked this poor blog in over two months. Why? Life got busy and hectic and honestly, I wasn't feeling to inspired to write although lately iv been missing it and even making little entries on my I-phone notes when I just had to get it out. But here I am back at it and really wanting to get back into my groove and start staying up to date and making goals for this tiny place of mine. Lets say at least two posts a week and maybe trying to spruce things up on here too.
  Ill fill you in a bit on whats been going on in our lives! Sophia has been great and getting so big/smart. She's talking all day and in full sentences mostly. We have been passing a horrible stomach virus back and forth between the three of us for nearly the past month, lets just say lots of sleepless nights and dirty laundry... yuck. Luckily it looks like it has finally passed thanks to lots of rest, snuggles, and lysol disinfectant. Baby boy is doing great and we are in the home stretch, about 4 weeks till our scheduled c-sections. Ill do a post soon with lots more details and updates on baby!

-More to come very soon, Promise ;)