Lets play catch up!

Its official I SUCK! I have totally neglected this little space of mine where I leave all my feeling, experiences, and updated life moments. I swore this new year I was going to blog more and get better at blogging at that. So far its April and I have barely even checked on this poor old blog. But here I am trying to redeem myself ready to share some wonderful news! 

     Sophia will be having a little brother! We went and had a gender scan at 18 weeks and he was unmistakably a boy. I screamed with joy and nearly scared the technician off his stool. We really wanted a boy so we could have one of each, although I totally wouldn't mind two blue eyed, curly haired girls running around. Im having a son and it feels so crazy.. what will be different this time? How are boys different than having a little girl? I guess we will just have to wait till mid-end July to see. All I know is that we are happy, oh so happy to be having another baby. To be giving Sophia a sibling close in age that she will hopefully grow up being very best friends with. Iv been finding myself day dreaming of little boy things, baseballs, blue socks, and cute little boy clothes. I cant wait to see him, hold him, and love him. I will be a mom to a sweet little princess and a handsome little gentlemen, Im so excited.

     Also I am now a mom to a two year old, yes TWO! Our little girl turned two last month. I can't believe it. Time never slows as much as I beg a plead for it to. Sophia is such a smart, happy, friendly, loving little girl and becoming quiet the little character. She has me laughing all day most days. She loves to burst out into random song and dance including songs from "The Lorax", twinkle twinkle, you are my sunshine, and of course every song from "Dinosaur Train". She is still obsessed with dinos and Iv cut her off from getting any new dino toys for her wildly large collection.. at least for a while. Sophia can count to 5, sing her abc's for the most part, put 3 plus words together to form sentences. She's growing everyday and amazes on all the things she is learning and how understanding she is. Oh I just love her!

   We just got back last week from a lovely ten day vacation. It was so nice to spend quality time with Sophia and Aj with no work for him. Our last vacation just us three. We road tripped to New Jersey and visited Aj's family and some of our great friends. It was beautiful weather nearly everyday and we really didn't want to leave. One day we hope to be able to call Jersey our home and for good, but for now we are back to reality in Florida. Husband is back to work and Iv started nesting/ spring cleaning. Time to start preparing this house for a new little babe and for the hot summer approaching.

     And lastly Im 24 weeks and 4 days! That means I am past the six months mark, three more months till our little man will be entering the world. This pregnancy has been wonderful and may I see easy knock on wood. He is happy, healthy, and moving lots! All our tests have come back perfect and now is the time for him to pack on the pounds. I really am gonna try and start a weekly update.. but don't hold me to that ;)