25 weeks- Say whaaa?!

Somehow we are already at 25 weeks and Im feeling a bit overwhelmed! In just 3 and some months our first son will be here, we will be parents of two kids, and those two kids will both be under 2 and a half!

-Baby boy is moving, jumping, and doing insane ninja moves at this point in my belly, and to believe a few weeks ago I was worried I wasn't feeling enough movement. 

-At our appointment last week he was moving so much his little heart was beating at a very healthy 152 bpm. Such an amazing sound. We have another appointment at 28 weeks then start going in every two weeks! I also got my paperwork to go get my gluclose test next week and then have to go get my rhogam shot from labor and delivery a few days after... not looking forward to either of those. 

-Baby boy has a name now a full name that Aj and I both love! We won't be sharing though till little man makes his grand entrance, so ill keep you guessing till then. 

-I have only gained about 5 lbs this whole pregnancy (so opposite of carrying Sophia) my midwife says he's growing just fine and with me already being a little heavier then I should be, she doesn't mind as long as baby is healthy! I cant complain I was really terrified of packing on all the weight again like I did with Sophia, I totally ate everything in sight and became so lazy and gained 70 lbs because of it. Im trying my best to stay active and healthy this time, chasing after a two year old really helps that. 

-No new stretch marks yet, although I don't think I have any space for new ones. 

-We have gotten the crib all set up, and bought lots of clothes, scored a bouncer for a great price and are slowly but surely marking things off our to do/to buy list. 

-And overall I am feeling good, getting so excited as time nears closer to him being here. I love being pregnant so Im soaking it all in and trying to love every minute of it!