Our Little Jumping Bean {11 weeks}

 Yesterday we went for our first ultrasound! we where assumed to be nearly twelve weeks but once   we saw that itty bitty baby we are now said to be 11 weeks today. The baby was jumping around and sitting up. It kept kicking its legs up towards its face and waved at us a few times. It was the best site too see. The heart rate was at 172 and sounded beautiful! I had to stop the tears a few times, I was so nervous waiting for them to call us back. I couldn't help but think what if something is wrong, no heart beat, no baby even! Within seconds baby was up on the big screen bouncing around with a little flash in its chest and I knew everything was perfect. Such a relief really, like 9 million pounds of worries off my shoulders. We went in for an NT scan to measure the babies neck width and head to rump to rule out down syndrome. Baby was too small to do the measurements since they really do need to do the test right at 12 weeks or after, so we will be returning in ten days. I can't say I mind we get to see our babe again and a little bigger this time. The doctor already said we are at low risk since the baby has a nasal bone and said we didn't need to come back unless we wanted. We chose to go back just to make sure baby is growing right and lets not lie just to be able to see our baby again so soon. Baby had some features that looked so similar to Sophia's ultrasound so I'm already predicting another mini Aj just like Sophia was and is! We got lots of pictures, wanna see?!

<---Sophia on the left                                New baby on the right--->
Do they look similar?


  1. I'm expecting too! 20 weeks now. =) I'm so happy to have discovered your blog... looking forward to more.



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