Finding a Hobby

This year as I wrote down my New Years Resolutions and joked around with Aj, I wrote at the very bottom of my list find a hobby. I told Aj almost jokingly that one thing I wanted in 2013 was to find a hobby. He then told me how I really do need to find a hobby, that I never take time to myself. Just something for me, not to share or include the babies, or husband. So what kind of hobby do I find? I could blog more, pick up my camera and get back to enjoying taking photos, crochet some cute things, maybe buy a sewing machine, or do some crafting, maybe take an art class, or yoga class.... I could pick so many awesome things to do and to find enjoyment out of them. Yet none seem to appealing to me right now. My whole life is a repetitive schedule.Wake up, feed Sophia, clean house, make lunch, play outback, nap time, online class, snack time, read some books, go for a walk, make dinner, clean up from dinner, bath, playtime, bed. Repeat 6 out of 7 days, with the off day when we run errands or go out on Aj's day off. I'm used to my day's and not a fan of change. My whole life is about being a wife, a mother, a house wife, and a friend. But in that I don't do anything just to benefit me.
So I'm aiming to find a hobby, a hobby just for me!
Got any suggestions?!