Adding to our family!

We are so excited to announce we are expecting baby #2 sometime in July 2013! As of today I am about 8 1/2 weeks along and feeling great! No nausea (unlike the crazy all day sickness I experienced with Sophia), feeling some extra exhaustion but nothing that I can't handle. We have been trying for quite awhile to conceive, around a year of casual trying but the last five months we got serious and started tracking ovulation and what not. Finally here we are PREGNANT!!! I still can't believe it most days. We went to the doctor last week and she said everything looks great. We go back at 12 weeks and will get too see our little babe and hear the heart beat. We will be getting a first trimester screening/ultrasound. We are just hoping for a happy, healthy baby and pregnancy. We already have been discussing baby names and haven't decided on much yet. We are already trying to let Sophia know what is going on as much as we can with her only being 21 months. I really believe she will be a great big sister and she really seems interested in "talking" about the baby in mommies tummy! So glad to finally get to blog about our big news and let the rest of the world in on our little secret.