9 weeks & Christmas Cheer

Today I hit the nine week mark, three more weeks till the first trimester is over. Time is flying! I did all the routine blood work this past week and everything came back just fine, its such a sigh of relief even though I didn't really have a reason to worry. Our first trimester ultrasound screening is scheduled for January 9th, we can't wait to get to peek in on our little growing baby and see all the wonder that is taking place in my belly. Speaking of belly, can I just say it is true or at least for me that with the second baby you show much much sooner. Between the bloating a bulging uterus I am already feeling pretty pregnant. I really am trying to watch what I eat this time around, and keep active Sophia is doing a great job of helping me do that! So far no weight gain and that is just fine by me. No morning sickness or nausea YAY! Just some extreme exhaustion.
I am feeling really good all around and I hope it stays that way.

Christmas is Just around the corner 4 days actually! I am so excited to enjoy time with both sides of our family, watch Sophia really dive into opening presents, eating some yummy food and desserts. I love this time of year I really do. And I am loving it even more now with having such and amazing family.