Im back.. 3 months later.

Here I am, Iv found my way back to my little internet home. Iv really missed writing and reading my daily blogs. Sometimes life gets over whelming and you have to take a breather. So lets catch up on the last 90 days or so shall we?!
  • School is going great Im carrying all A's, and got a 105 on my last three exams in my Human Relations class. I'm pretty proud of myself! Already registered for the spring semester. 
  • Aj has a job and has since late August. He is making wonderful money, working a ton of hours, and bringing home lots of bacon. I'm so lucky.
  • We moved into a lovely town home on the east side of town closer to the interstate and in a much nicer area. We love it here and cuts Aj's commute too and from work in half. 
  • Sophia is so big like SO SO big. She is talking all day and even speaking in "sentences." Her doctor has already stated she is pretty gifted and she will be out smarting us soon. She is in love with dinosaurs and can even tell a few apart. She has recently been loving playing with baby dolls, putting them to bed, "feeding" them, and smothering them in kisses like a good little mommy. Is it crazy she will be 20 months this coming week?! Thats right nearly two! 
  • Aj has lost 22 Lbs and counting beating me with my loss of only 4 Lbs so far, but we have a gym in our new community and I have really started taking my health much more serious and am working on my bikini bod for this coming summer. (haha yea right)
  • We are getting ready to enjoy the holidays in our new home just the three of us, we are all pretty excited about that. 
  • We just celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary this past week. It was a great first year and we are more in love then ever. The year flew by and I am almost afraid to blink because ill be saying happy five years sooner then I know it. 

I am really looking forward to getting back into blogging and being able to document little bits of our lives. This blog is a great outlet for me and I love looking back at the past. Ill be posting lots of pictures soon and will be blogging regularly. 

Iv missed you little blog of mine Im glad to be back! <3