Hopes for our second year of marriage

     I can't believe we have been married over a year now. It feels like a month ago we said I do. We celebrated our anniversary a few weekends ago. It was nice we reminisced about out memories of the past year, and enjoyed a yummy dinner baby free! We really had an amazing first year of marriage. We grew together in our family, we fell more in love everyday and we kept our marriage as our top priority. Some people say the first year is the hardest.. if thats true we will have an amazing seventy or more years of marriage.
     My hopes for our second year of marriage are that we keep growing together, that we stay grounded in our marriage, that we fall even deeper in love, that we never go to bed angry, and that we take a little more time to have adult time. Iv learned its important for Sophia that Aj and I get our time alone to keep us happy and our marriage strong. Even if I can only bring myself to leaving her with her grandma for a few hours once a month. Im really trying to work on my separation anxiety with leaving Sophia. 
     Our marriage has to come first before all to keep the rest of our life strong and together.
     Im really thankful to have someone to share my life with, to have a family with, and to love unconditionally. Here's to another amazing year together. I love you to the moon and back.