The sweetest

 Iv been really down lately in a mini depression if you will. I don't really know the cause but its annoying. I like being a happy and upbeat person not a mopey mess. I am hoping it kicks itself in the butt and leaves I am ready to be back to the happy old me again. 
Yesterday Aj knowing that I haven't been myself lately took Sophia & I out for some yummy Italian ice and to the beach to watch the sunset. He is such a keeper! It was beautiful and I really enjoyed it although it was close to bed time and Sophia had a massive meltdown because we wouldn't let her in the water to swim even though she made many good attempts. We only got to stay ten minutes or so the over tired toddler won this time and was just not having it, but it was nice to get out of the house and enjoy our little family and the beach too. I really am so lucky to having such an amazingly loving husband and own personal super hero who tries his hardest to keep me happy. I am hoping maybe we can attempt this night again minus the toddler maybe even as a date night? Wait whats that yes a date night where I actually get the courage to leave Sophia home for an hour or two and spend some much needed quality time with her daddy. I know a certain grandma that would love to spend a few hours with Sophia and wouldn't mind letting us slip out of the house for a bit.


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