oh poor blog

You poor blog iv neglected you so much in the past month! So many things have been going on and Iv been an up and down hormonal mess lately. Lets catch you up on a few main events and I promise to really give you the tlc you need in the next week or so.

1. I start school in 4 days holy crap im kind of excited,kind of nervous,kind of crazy right now.
ill be going full time on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Friday mornings. 
Im taking: Written communications 1
Pre-algebra with a online lab added to it
Weight training/physical ed. 
General sociology. 
2.Aj is still on the job hunt but we are hopeful he found this pretty great job just waiting to here back. We need him to get this job we are soooo BROKE!
3. Sophia will be 17 months in a week! crazy right? She is getting such a great imagination including putting her stuffies to bed and feeding them her sippy full of milk.(post coming soon)
4.I am jumping back on the fitness bandwagon hoping to loose these 20 last pesky pounds and maybe ten extra.
5.Iv been day dreaming of fall and the holidays and the cold weather daily its safe to say im over summer and this heat!!

Again blog I am sorry iv been neglecting you but will be catching you up with some great posts,pictures,and maybe a new design. 
Don't hate me old friend.