Weekends full of fun

I love weekends that are packed full of family fun and excitement. We have been working on the backyard and we still have so So much to do but we did get our pool up! Yay this florida heat is almost unbearable and the pool will make us at least want to get out side a little. Sophia is loving it minus being in a float or swim vest but we are working on that, She thinks she is a pro swimmer and tries to get out of our hands and kick on her own. On Saturday we where so bored from just hanging around the house all day, Aj decided he wanted to take his girls out for some yummy italian ice at a little place he grew up going to that I had never been CoCoJoes. It was amazing and very cheap only $3 for two larges thats nearly unheard of! We will be going back 1,000 times or more this summer to enjoy all the yummy flavors and for nearly nothing.
As some of you may know if you follow me on IG miss Sophia is a climber.. like seriously a monkey! It was only a matter of time before we knew she would find her way out of her crib even lowered all the way. It happened on saturday night I put her in her crib like usual for bed and within minutes I see her half way over the side of the crib bars! So today we converted her crib to a toddler bed put up the mesh gate thingy to keep her from rolling out and tonight will be our first night of trying it out. She has already got in and out of her bed 100 times. So ill be sure to let everyone know how that goes but right now im thinking she's only 15 months, to young to know she needs to stay in her bed and know not to wonder around the room or house at night.


  1. looks like fun! i wish i had a backyard to fix up and put a pool in :)


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