Mountain dew & dorito Cupcakes!

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you all have a fun,family filled,safe Independence day! Today I bring you a really yummy recipe for some crazy cupcakes my husband recently made for us that I am now infatuated with. Aj loves to cook and mainly some crazy food id normally never try but it always seems to turn out amazing. They are originally made from 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Orlando, Florida, Aj had seen the recipe online a while back and finally decided to test them out!
You will need:
Mountain Dew
Boxed cake mix lemon or white
Frosting we used vanilla but you can use butter cream if you like
First he boiled a can of mountain dew on the stove to try and carmalize it a little bit then added that to the cake mix instead of water. He mixed it then baked per box instructions.
For the frosting he boiled another can of mountain dew then mixed it with the vanilla frosting and topped the cupcakes with the frosting and crushed up doritos!
It was superrrr easy and delicious you could even make them without the doritos if you don't like them and just have mountain dew cupcakes.
This was Aj's recipe,there are about 1,000 on Google that are all different but these turned out great!


  1. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Oh delicious! I hope they taste as amazing as they look. Do you think Wal-Mart brand Mt. Dew will work? I'm on a budget.

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