Fulfilling dreams

I'm going to college!
I finally applied and worked out my financial aide. I'm going to start working towards my AA and possibly start working towards a bachelors in early childhood education to become a elementary school teacher! I always dreamed of going to college as a kid,making something of myself,being known as a college graduate. I did attend cosmetology school but it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I got wrapped up with falling in love,getting married,having a child and supporting my husband while he went to school. But now is my time! My time to make my husband and daughter proud,my time to be my mothers first and probably only child to make something of her self and get a degree,my time to learn and learn more about myself too,my time to do everything I swore I would. I have such a great support system from my husband he knows it may not be easy but that in the end it will make our family stronger. I'll start school in a little less then a month,part time at night 3-4 nights a week at State College of Florida. I'm so nervous and excited and a ball full of emotions. I know I can do this I have no doubt in my mind that I won't succeed. Im so happy!
Now if only I had someone to take me school clothes & supply shopping with a new wardrobe I'd be ready to rock my first year of school!


  1. this is so awesome! exciting to see others pursuing their dreams :) just stumbled upon your blog, excited to follow along!




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