Cousins & Splashes

We spent the morning over at the Marina Jack Splash Park with my niece,nephews,sister in law not her kids she was just along for the ride,and my Mother. Sophia loved the water and ran every where possible. She had so much fun and by my surprise it wasn't to busy and completely free! We spent the morning splashing,running,playing and belly laughing at our bigger cousins.We will definitely be spending more summer days there enjoying the water and fun!

P.S I know I have been completely slacking on blogging but we are enjoying our summer days so much and dealing with the transition to toddler bed meaning no naps and lots of lost sleep. I promise to catch you all up soon!


  1. Hi, I can't tell you how happy I am to see Sophia and you enjoying life in Florida. You certainly made the right decision to go back. We do not have any splash parks around here, but more importantly, Sophia now has cousins and other family to be with. Hope AJ gets a job with a guitar company. Keep posting those photos along with your blog. Give my love to everyone and Sophia a hug from me.


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