We have slowly adjusted back to life here in Florida. I miss New Jersey's weather and thats the toughest part of the adjusting back here I think... Its hot I mean HOT HOT HOT and rainy. Its rained nearly the whole month we have been back with the heat over 90 almost everyday. The humidity is another thing I could complain about for days! I feel so bad Sophia loves to play outside but within ten minutes or so she is sticky with sweat and ready to head inside with the a/c. Summers here are terrible Iv known that for a long time now but with a toddler its sucky being stuck inside when we just want to go out and play! We are so happy to have Sophia back around her grandma & grandpa and the rest of Aj's family. Iv even started to work on my relationship with my Mother and I think it couldn't have come at a better time, I think she really needs me right now. I'm all set for school minus a few loose ends that ill have tied up by the end of the week. So all in all things are falling into place and we even got Sophia sleeping in her own big girl bed through the night without waking up to finding her in our bed in the middle of the night.

Now to just catch up on this blog with lots of pictures iv taken and neglected to share with you all!