A happy happy 16 months.

My sweet Sophia you are 16 months old now! You have grown into quite the little princess and smarty pants too! You have the prettiest curly brown hair with some natural blonde highlights that seems to be growing an inch a day. You are a skinny minny and still wearing 12 month clothes but some of there pants are to short for your long legs. You love to command everyone's attention and get the whole room of people laughing at your silly self. You are a pretty big daddy girl right now and if he is home your all about being with him. Your the greatest little girl and such a joy to be around! We love you oh so much and are so proud of the little girl you have become.
Sophia loves dinosaurs and trucks too.
She loves her pink chair and the bongo drums.
She likes to make animal noises and knows a bunch of them! Including cow-mewww,tiger-roar,dog-ruff,dino-roar,monkey-ohhh ah ah ohhh,froggy-ibbet. there the cutest of sounds you ever did hear
We try to count to three on our fingers and can do one & feeeee (three) but not yet two.
Sophia loves to dance to almost anything that semi sounds like music including commercials on the tv. She spins and spins and does a little hip shake its really the best.
She is getting better at using please and thank you. Manners are so important to us so we have been teaching her them since she was about 6 months old and now when she wants something usually it is accompanied by a "peease"(please) or if you hand her a toy or a sippy cup she says "anksss"(thanks) but not always.
She has kind of fizzled down on the temper tantrums and we are down to maybe one a day and even some days none. She is learning a lot more words and can tell us what she wants.. kinda.
She loves daddy's homemade pizza,strawberries,chicken nuggets,cereal,watermelon is a new favorite,water with ice in her sippy,and lots of pasta!
She loves to run in the house and scream at the top of her lungs as I follow behind saying "no running indoors,slow down,inside voice" and so on but we will just hope that its a toddler thing and grow out of it.
She loves to play patty cake and sing lots of songs. She kind of hums along and gets this glimmer in her eye especially when daddy is the one singing to her.
Her vocabulary is growing everyday and words are becoming more associated with the objects or feelings. She has also started to put two words together! "hi ma,nigh daddy,bite peease" there short words but so cute!

Okay enough bragging but I sure am one proud mama and love my little munchkin more then anything
Happy 16 months my sweet sweet girl!