I think that even before Sophia was born Aj and I talked so much about what we wanted out of her schooling and how important it is to us. I knew I was going to stomp my feet and cross my arms if he even mentioned public school. These days they are cutting too many corners in public school I feel and I just don't think she can learn to her full potential with one teacher and 30 + students. Thankfully Aj agreed that public school was out of the question. We have discussed private schools,charter school,and even homeschooling okay so we may be a bit crazy to be already thinking about this when she is just a year old but I think education is so SO important. This past week I have really started to see how much she is soaking in everything around her and learning so many new things each and every day. So when is the right time to start your child's education? I don't really believe there is a time to soon as children are learning at home from the day they are born they start learning new things. I have been researching homeschooling for toddlers and I have seen some pretty young kids being taught and this excites me. I am planning on going to school for young childhood development and eventually would love to be a kindergarten teacher for a small private or charter school. So why can't I be my child's teacher? I think even at 14 months old she is already so smart and can learn so easily so why not take advantage of it? 
I will still be doing lots of research and planning but I am hoping by winter Sophia and I can start tot-schooling for just an hour a day 5 days a week, we already spend all day together learning. So whats the harm in making a small curriculum and really helping my child learn and have fun while doing it!

Do any of you home school your children or have plans to do so? I would love to link up with other mothers who are interested or devoted to the child's education