Sophia the comedian

Is it just me or are toddlers like mini comedians who make you laugh all day?! Sophia is doing the cutest and funniest things these days. Between funny faces,dances,noises and words she is just so amazing to be around and can make the room burst into laughter. She is a mocking bird lately and its so funny when she tries to say a word but it come out so wrong. Like clock in "bock",poo is "boop", grandma is "mayra", juice is "uicey" and there are so many others. When she hears Dino Dan come on Nick Jr she runs over to the tv and starts yelling "Dddddd daaaa Dddddd daaaa" and screams then comes and pulls me to the tv and points its so hilarious. I just can't get enough of this age minus the tantrums and teething. Any mommas having issues with tantrums if so how are you handeling them? I just get so baffled when she throws a tantrum and kind of stand there staring at her like "What in the world?/"


  1. The kids I babysit are absolutely hilarious. I never realized how funny kids are from such a young age!


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