Our story

It all started five years ago in Floida (me 16  & Aj 20) with a boy a girl and Myspace! Yes we met kinda through Myspace. Aj was my then good friends best friend and we had met a few times (that i don't recall) at parties and friends houses, I had no clue of this till one day I get a friend request on Myspace and it's from a pretty dang cute boy named AjDoom remember those scene myspace names? mine was AmandaAlmightyy and his AjDoom oh boy... After excepting he leaves me a comment "Hey baby." And that's how it all started. First with Myspace, AIM chat, texting, and then finally meeting up for the first time at Starbucks.I sat at a table outside with my v-neck,beanie,pink and platinum blonde hair and a book. I saw Aj walk around the corner and I instantly felt my heart flutter and my knees tremble. He was so handsome and dreamy. I swear I fell in love that day over coffee and deep talks. We were pretty inseparable after that minus a few hiccups.
We were young and So So in love. 
Fast forward two and a half years and an engagement ring, we moved into our very own apartment and just decided young or not we wanted to have a baby.It took us nine long long months to finally get pregnant with Sophia.

March 26th,2011 at 5:46 p.m. we met our little girl via emergency c-section after 30 or so hours of labor.
Sophia Rae Fabricius 
6 lb 14 oz 20 inches long
& completely perfect.

We tied the knot of November 11th,2011
The coldest day of the entire year in Florida. Our wedding was outside, small, intimate and so beautiful.
I cried through all of it just knowing how amazingly lucky I was to find my better half so young in life. Aj is the man I always dreamed of and more he saved me from the very bad place I was in. He showed me that there was so much more to life and that there was good in the world. He is my very best friend and I couldn't run down the aisle fast enough to read him my vows and seal them with a kiss and know he was forever mine. 

And then there's now Aj,Sophia, and I trying to find our place in this big old world.