No more pajama days

All through out my pregnancy I was always saying "I can't wait to be tiny again and wear cute clothes everyday." Well lets just say I am not tiny and have pretty much lived in my pajamas and Aj's t shirts for the past   oh 15 months or so. I realized the other day that by me not getting dressed everyday and just bumming around the house all day makes me feel even worse about my self. So I actually took a whole ten minutes and through on some decent clothes and a tiny bit of makeup and bam I felt a 100 times better! I miss feeling pretty and desirable to my husband, and it really isn't fair that everyday he comes home from work i'm a frumpy mess still in my pajamas from the night before with a messy bun thrown on top of my head. Even though he tells me I'm beautiful all the time even in my pj's I know he actually thinks I am when I put on nice clothes a tad bit of makeup and comb out the rats nest in my hair. So I am making a pledge to myself that I will take more of an effort to get dressed daily even if we have no plans of leaving the house that day just to make myself feel better and make my husband take a second or third look at me. 

I will not wear pj's all day.I will not wear pj's all day.I will not wear pj's all day.I will not wear pj's all day.