My sweet 15 month old

My sweet sweet Sophia oh how time flys. Yesterday you where a baby or so it seems and today you are a toddler. A walking,talking,screaming,running,belly laughing,silly,loving toddler.. my toddler. When I think about you I think back to the day after I had you and how I held you all day as you slept on my chest and nursed from me, I breathed in your sweet scent and was in pure bliss. How I stared at you for hours and hours and just thought how amazingly beautiful you are and how you are all mine. My baby forever,but your not a baby anymore your a little girl growing like bean stalk bigger everyday. I am so proud of you everyday. Everyday you do something new to melt my heart and wrap me around your little finger even tighter. Daddy and I are so in love with you so completely infatuated with you. Your cute little footsteps pitter pattering on the floor fill the house with the most beautiful noise. Your sweet cuddles against my chest makes my heart flutter. Your little voice, oh how sweet the sound of your precious little voice as you call for me "Maaaaaaaa,mama,maaaaa". You fill my heart Sophia Rae, you fill my whole life with Joy and happiness and an over abundince of love. Thank you sweet sweet Sophia for making me your momma and giving me this beautiful life.

Sophia at 15 months loves to
 Sing to nick jr. shows
belly laugh at nearly anything
practice words with her flash cards
snuggle with daddy
read with mama
push her shopping cart around the house putting everything in it
eat pasta
drink out of mommy or daddy's cups
use her fork 
dance and shake her booty 
say "hiiii" to every stranger we pass 
run around the house yelling at the top of her lungs
play puzzles


  1. Oh what a gorgeous girl you have! Lovely blog, hi from your newest follower x

  2. You really have a wonderful writing style! I enjoyed reading about Sophia and how she is growing. Loved the photos, too, and want you to know we miss her, you and AJ. Give her a hug from me. Joanne


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