Finding our home.

Moving from Florida to New Jersey took so much out of us physically,mentally,and financially. I left my family and the handful of friends I had and put all my faith into my husband. Aj is so close to his mother,father and younger siblings and it was the hardest thing I think he has ever gone through leaving them to move up here. All though he does have his older brother and grandparents here and they help us when they can and Ajs brother has opened his home and life up to us.I can see through Ajs ultra hard exterior and I see how badly his heart aches for his family back in Florida. Luckily they are coming to visit in less then a week and we are so so excited! Aj's family is more my family then my mother and sisters are. They took me in at 16 with open arms and never once turned there backs on me. Aj's mother is the greatest women on this earth, a true angel she has a heart bigger then all the oceans and is such a smart,kind, and loving women.
 Although we thought we so badly wanted to get out of Florida and move here to New Jersey we have realized how very hard it is without the support of family and friends. Things are way more expensive here from gas to grocery's you name it it's a significant amount more and the pay is about the same. We love it here but there is just a burning desire in both of us to go back home..home to Florida. So I almost want to say "Oh we failed,we couldn't make it" but then I think no we did make it, we left everything on a leap of faith and only having each other we left everything we knew and love to come to this new place. I put all I had into my husband and knew no matter what I would stand beside him and together we could make it through anything and he did the same for me. And although we may end up back in Florida sooner or later we tried. In this hard economy we made the effort we did what we wanted and we tried. I'm proud of us I'm proud of the strength we have had through these last three months and the faith we have in our little family and in our marriage.
I am a very very lucky women to have a husband who works so hard to take care of his family and who even when everything seems to be going wrong still make Sophia and I feel so secure.
 So for now I'm not really sure where home is but for me home is wherever I am with my husband and child. They are my forever home