Family Days

Sorry iv been MIA this week we have been so busy with having Aj's family coming up with a much needed visit this week and with a very sick teething toddler. I am so happy that Aj's mom,brother, and sister are here for a whole week visiting. We have missed them so badly and I think this may either help or worsen our homesickness.
On Friday we went to a town called New Hope in Pennsylvania with Aj's older brother Dan and his girlfriend Katie,its about a 45 minute drive and it was so worth it. We had a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Triumphs Brewery. They had such amazing food and beer that they brewed right there. We sat outside on the deck that was right on the train tracks. It was great until the trains started coming and honking causing Sophia to hysterically cry to the point we had to wrap dinner up fast and leave. New Hope is so beautiful and still pretty old fashioned. We roamed around downtown and window shopped all the cool art stores. I even went into a few "thrift" shops that had the cutest vintage stuff but was highly over priced. There main street is right on the water and they had a small waterfall Sophia loved looking at the water and seeing the ducks and saying "quack quack". We went later in the day so sadly not all shops where open and we probably only saw a quarter of all the amazing shops and old buildings. We are already planning another trip there on a early morning week day to hopefully see everything and not be so crowded.

Today we spent the day with Aj's family we took them to Johnson Park here in Piscataway with the small petting zoo. Aj's younger sister Holly really enjoyed seeing all the animals and feeding them. It was a super hot day here in New Jersey so our trip didn't last to long but it was really nice to have some family time with them.

*Warning this is a photo heavy post. 
Our trip to New Hope.
We had the beer sampler where they let you try all of there beer I was totally loving there Raspberry Beer. 
The best Appetizer ever. 
Aj's Older brother Dan and his girlfriend Katie.
I was lusting over this Savin' up for a little baby tin.

Today at Johnson Park 
Aj's younger siblings Holly & Joey with Aj. 


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