Backyard dreams

Iv been pinning like crazy on Pinterest for our new backyard plans this summer. Even though its crazy hot and only going to get hotter we dont want to be stuck inside all summer with a toddler. So my hubby is already in the backyard chainsawing down dead trees,mowing the grass, and pulling weeds. While I sit inside in the cool A.C and look up prices for a pool,patio furniture,and outdoor toys for Sophia. We are really going to try and make the backyard nice so we can enjoy our summer days together and maybe even eat some dinners on the patio. We are going to be making Sophia her own little area with a little white picket fence and gate with a hopefully water table,play set and slide, and swing. And Aj wants to make the dogs a run on the side of the yard so they aren't pooing everywhere.
Im really excited about this project and summer to have an area we can all enjoy! So go follow me on Pinterest and see some of our ideas and be sure to check back soon for before and after pictures!


  1. i wish we had a backward oasis to run around in and decorate! i can't wait to see yours!

    xo, amanda

  2. Pinterest is my you have a link to your pinterest here?

    1. yes its linked up right over there <------ under the copyright!

  3. How fun! I like a good, well-done, laid-back backyard. It's the project part of it that I'm not so fond of! I hope you enjoy the outcome, though!


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