And back we go.

So we have finalized our plans and are picking up and moving back to Florida. Its bittersweet but for the best for my husband to pursue his dream career and for us to live without so much stress on bills and money. New Jersey is lovely but expensive over double what we paid in Florida for everything. With not knowing anyone here but Aj's brother its so lonely here for me and I feel like I have fallen into a small depression being stuck in the house all day not talking to a soul but Aj. I am a social person and really hate having no friends or any one to talk to.
So here we go packing up again and moving in just a couple days. Taking the long drive 30 plus hours or more back to Florida. Let me just tell you I hate moving, I moved my whole childhood and never stayed in a home longer then a year. So moving is an emotional roller coaster for me especially now being a mother I dont want that for Sophia I want her to feel stable and know that she can feel comfortable in one place. Not be scared that the next day she will have to leave every friend she made and all her belongings and pick up and leave without even saying goodbye. I know she is young so she doesn't really understand yet but Im hoping once back in Florida and Aj starts working a job he loves we can start looking to buy a home out in the country. A forever home Iv always dreamed of and we talk about daily.
Let me just say packing while chasing around a toddler all day is tiring and so hard and I cant wait for this to be all over and back in Florida with our family and settled in again.

So bon voyage New Jersey! Hello Florida sunshine.