Special days with my special girl

I feel as though iv been behind on blogging but only because iv been enjoying being with my little girl. I'm getting so over tired of the TV and electronics and want to teach her things and give her adventure in her life. I do not want a child who is glued to the tube,computer or phone! I want her to enjoy the outdoors enjoy arts & crafts and choose those over the electronics any day. So we have been trying new things and having in absolute blast. Sophia is a big ray of sunshine and its so amazing to watch her take things in and learn new stuff. She is so smart and catches on so fast!
Today we decided to finger paint and make some crafts for Mothers day. I'm defiantly going to be the mom who keeps ever little drawing,note,and painting that her child makes. I decided we would take all the finger paining materials and Sophia's highchair outside on the patio, to make it in easier clean up and to enjoy the sunshine. She had a blast and loved squishing the paint in her hands through her tiny little fingers. She would show me every few minutes what she was doing and give me a big cheesy grin. She was so proud of herself and you could tell she felt like such a big girl! The paint was washable and let me tell you super easy to clean with just a simple baby wipe she was clean in a minute. I loved watching her play and concentrate on the painting. We also decided to practice coloring with our crayons, she loved scribbling on the paper and her high chair. We will defiantly be doing this a lot more often and making loads of artwork for this mama to hoard.


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