Modified Parenting Monday 4

Yay we are on week 4 an this week I interviewed a lovely momma and fellow Instagramer Deanna Marie or Lallorona!
Deanna Duarte
3.Childrens ages?
Sailor Mae (4 years old) Damien Lee (8 months)
4.What kind of body mods do you have?
 As far as body modifications go I only have tattoos. Growing up I had several piercings (monroe, lower lip, septum, bridge, nape, and conch) which were all removed when i found out I was pregnant. 
 5.Whats your Favorite?
My favorite tattoo peice is by a good friend of mine, Jason Minauro its a full colored bearded lady! It tool about 4 hours and it hurt like hell! I decided to get this tattoo because my entire left leg will be an ode to early Barnum and Bailey Circus and side shows. You can find him on instagram or facebook. He's an extremely talented artist out of Clear Water, Florida in a nice little shop called Moniques. I got this piece while visiting him back in 2009! 
6.Have you ever been judged for being a parent with Body Modifications?Any particular circumstance?
As far as being Judged parenting wise, I'm glad to say I havent had any sort of biast oppinions of me, at least openly. Tattoos are so common now that people are now starting to accept it. There was one time when I was pregnant with Sailor and having lunch at a local taco bell when an older lady openly made a statement about me calling me "gross". In which i replied "go fuck yourself". I know we should respect our elders, but sometimes a lot of them need a damn reality check. This isnt the 40's anymore grandma! Like I said, if people were juding me, they keep their comments to themselves. My kids are clean, smart and well behaved, so i think that says a lot about me as a person/mother and wife. Regardless of my tattoos. 
 7.Does your child ask you about your body mods,like or dislike them? 
Damein is still too young to aknowledge that I might be "different" compaired to a lot of other moms, but Sailor, is another story. Fortunatly she's grown up around all kinds of people with all sorts of modifications. Her father is a tattoo artist out in Austin, Tx and ever since she was born as been surrounded by artists and collectors. Never has she asked about them in a negative way. She's still however getting used to the idea of modifications such as scaring and implants. she's four so she still easily gets freaked out by those types of things. 
 8.Why did you decide to get Body Modifications?
I went thru a bunch of phases growing up as im sure most of us did and when I got an opportunity to learn to pierce I jumped on it and immediately felt at home and comfortable. I started getting both pierced and tattooed at the shop knowing what I was getting into. I was 18 and still in High School. Im now 25 and an avid tattoo collector. Since kids, tattoo priority is no longer but i'll get tattooed when i find the time. Luckily, the guys I worked for at the shop are nice enough to "hook me up". I did a lot of "Shop Bitch" work for the artists there and they return the favor willingly! Lucky me, right?! I personaly get tattooed becuase I enjoy it. I appreciate the art and the pain, the people and the outcome. It's amazing what goes into both getting tattoed and being the tattooer. I got to learn the fundamentals of building machines, ink pigments and where it all started. I dont get tattooed for attention or for the sake of being a "model". I dont get tattooed to please anyone or displease. It's a lifestyle. You have to really appreciate it. I have only a few tattooes that have some sort of meaning to me. They have to do with my family and my children and most are of things i like and im attracted to. 
 9.Is there any advice for other parents with Body Modifications?
 Im in no position to give any kind of advice to any parent with any sort of modifications. The only thing I can say from what I've seen is dont put getting tattooed for the sake of that "modeling gig" infront of your babies. I've come across too many "women" who have their priorities all (excuse my french) all fucked up. In no way shape or form do I look down on any woman who poses nude. Nor am i oppossed to this. I myself (before kids) have had my fun with the nude modeling gig. (GODSGIRLS baby!). The sad part with that is, its been more than 4 years since ive been apart of that and from time to time it gets used against me and for some reason or another my kids have gotten involved and now im a bad mother for being apart of something i did pre- kids! None of that phases me. Im now a stay at home mom/wife and a full time student.  Involve your kids in what you love doing and be sincere.  They'll grow up with an appreciation for what you love. All moms are beautiful. Tattoos or no tattoos. Piercings or not. We are all in the same circle now and should all love one another. There's no stronger bond then a woman and her child. Also, I tend to surround myself with only woman with kids. They're easier to get along with, they understand you and we all have different advise for one another. 
 10.Has your modifications caused you any problems? with parenting?
Have my modifications caused me any problems with parenting? No. With potential jobs? YES! oh god yes. But thats just from people who dont understand the life. 
 11.Would you let your child have modifications when they are older?
I would absolutly allow my children to modify themselves if they wanted. Who am I to say no? I think Sailor would more over Damien. Only becuase how she's growing up. Whats shes being exposed to and her love of painting. I've always wanted to get my tounge split! But I dont have a balls. Maybe Sailor will do it!!