Modified Parenting Monday 3

So last week I sucked and didn't do a Modified parenting monday but I have an amazing interview for you guys today from a fellow Instagramer mamabearkat!

1.Name? Katelyn Jablonski (Kat) 
2.Children?  Just one, Dillon Joseph
3.Children's Ages? 9 months

4.What kind of body mods do you have? I have several tattoos, several piercings including stretched ears and 3 microdermals, as well as a scarification piece. 
5.Whats your Favorite?
I haven't even finished my favorite piece yet, shame on me. I have the start of a portrait of my father on my left side. It's his army photo from when he was 18. He passed away from cancer nearly 2 years ago at 52. He was my best friend in the whole world. Dillon's middle name is a tribute to him.

6.Have you ever been judged for being a parent with Body Modifications?Any particular circumstance? I have gotten less than friendly looks from a lot of people and I often wonder what is going through their minds. I also get a lot of questions and concerns regarding the placement and quantity of my tattoos and how that will "affect Dillon". I find it very offensive. I don't foresee my body art affecting my child in any way, shape or form. People tend to associate body modification with criminals and look at it as immature. I find that point of view to be very old fashioned and outdated.
7.Does your child ask you about your body mods,like or dislike them? Mine isn't old enough yet but he definitely notices them. He pulls at some of my piercings and caresses my tattoos. Sometimes it seems like he is trying to scratch them off. 
8.Why did you decide to get Body Modifications? When I was younger I would see people with tattoos and piercings etc and my thoughts were always "wow, that is so beautiful and they look so cool!". It sparked my interest. I am always one for being different than everyone else in some way. I actually enjoy how taboo it can be.
9.Is there any advice for other parents with Body Modifications? I would say don't ever let anyone make you feel like you are less of a parent or any different than anyone else just bc of the way you look. Be yourself and let others worry about themselves. 
10.Has your modifications caused you any problems? with parenting? Not at all actually. The biggest problem I have had so far is Dillon trying to rip out the dermal in my neck. It's sparkly so he tries to grab it. It gets a little red from time to time but he hasn't succeeded in ripping it out.
 11.Would you let your child have modifications when they are older? As far as tattoos are concerned definitely not before he is 18. If I had gotten all the tattoos I thought I wanted when I was in high school I would look pretty ridiculous now. Piercings I will probably be more lenient on. Definitely not before he is at least 16 and it would be done at a place I trust by someone I trust. I'm not so sure his high school would allow it. Maybe get it during the summer so it's healed by then and can be taken out. My mind can still think like a teenager apparently, haha.