a little of everything.

Holy moly can I just say thank you to all the amazing readers In a little over a month iv had over 1,000 page views! It may not seem like a lot to some of you amazing bloggers but I am pretty proud of it. I love blogging about my little family,life,and things I am passionate about. This blog gives me an outlet and a little break from mom life and lets me come back and look at some pretty great times in my life. So again thank you all my loyal readers and new readers to come!

Also I fell into the trap and bought the book Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James I instantly got engrossed into the book and finished in less then 24 hours. Lets Just say I'm dying to run out and buy book two and three! Some women are going crazy over it saying the dream of a man like Christian Grey and others aren't very fond of the book. I love the book but am not lusting over Mr.Grey I have my dream man who tops him any day in every field ;) So yes I would recommend the book to anyone and will be getting the next two books asap.

Dieting is going great and Aj and I have both lost about 5 lbs in 4 days! Loving seeing the numbers on my scale drop everyday.

Can we just talk about toddler life?! I feel like from eight a.m. to eight p.m. I am running around in circles saying "Sophia that's naughty" "Sophia be careful" "Sophia leave the poor dog alone" "Sophia no running in the house". Is this just me or is this every mommy of a toddler? She also has been super clumsy and falling,tripping,head diving all day! I want to  lock her in a bubble and never let her out. I have two-three heart attacks a day it feels from her scary falls.

Last but not least I work my first shift tomorrow night back to the ol' grind. Feeling sad but excited for some extra money!

And I leave you with some cute pictures and a video of Sophia and Daddy playing soccer in the backyard Oh how I love them.